RoboVM is The First to Go... under Microsoft’s Acquisition of Xamarin

So far, the consequences stemming from Microsoft's acquisition of Xamarin have been quite astounding. But it's also important to note that it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows either.

In fact, after 2 years of operation (including its date of purchase) the ahead-of-time (or AOT) Java compiler RoboVM will be shut down.

Based on information from a post written by RoboVM CEO Henric Muller, this decision was made after discussions with both Xamarin and Microsoft about Java and mobile development.

As of right now, RoboVM-compiled apps will still function normally. However, it is important to note that, the company is unable to guarantee the length of time that this will remain in effect.

For example, Apple is well known for the technological innovations implemented on its platforms, whether it be making mobile 64-bit compatible or switching from PowerPC to Intel.

Because of the lack of specific information surroundin the closure of RoboVM, it's recommended that developers currently working with this AOT should make the transition to another similar tool, like LibGDX or Xamarin's own cross-platform tools, as soon as possible.

Currently, there is no word about when RoboVM will be completely abandoned. However, Muller's post does say that subscriptions will be active until April 30th 2017, a date that the company feels will give developers an adequate amount of time to find a new AOT Java compiler.

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